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  •   Dynamic World
  •   Highly-detailed levels that tell a story
  •   Interesting quests and bizarre characters
  •   Epic fantasy score
  •   Voice acting in key dialogues
  •   Intense Combat
  •   Fight six different species
  •   Enemy classes with distinct fighting styles
  •   Active ragdolls for great weapon feedback
  •   Kick enemies into traps and abysses
  •   Exciting Skills
  •   Open skill system for maximum freedom
  •   Mix and match four different subclasses
  •   Hundreds of unique items to equip
  •   Find and use legendary artifacts

Community Reactions

The dungeons are interesting and I've been enjoying crawling around them.


Indie Game Critic

To say that it is addicting to play is an understatement.


Steam curator

When was the last time you played an RPG and explored the entire dungeon, castle or cave? For me it has been awhile. With RAIDBORN i do it every place. I have to.



I found this game by selecting similar titles to dark messiah. Love the game and I have sort of same feeling while playing this one.

b. kondeja


This is insane! The level design is so detailed.


Game Developer

It's skyrim without the copy/paste open world between the dungeons and I love it.

the walk one